Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cycling around Australia...Where is Marg Phelan up to

Here is an Update from Marg.... see where she is now;they have done really well, what an achievement to cycle across the Nullabor, I remember many years ago driving across and thinking my God miles and miles of complete nothingness...but spectacular at the same time.. I couldn't imagine cycling across.....what a phenomenal group of women... here is part of Marg's email letting us know where she is.....

Hi all
We are half way across the Nullabor. We are at Eucla for 2 nights and move on tomorrow. We have been out of phone and internet cover for the past week so unable to contact anyone.
Hope all is good for you and everything is going as planned.
Cycling going well in spite of head winds, cool temperatures and some rain. Robyn is doing a great job with Muriel (name of the van) and the roadies duties
We have 6 more days of no coverage till we get to Ceduna.

Check out our website as Su has put more photos on and some more on the blog.

Love and hugs to you all
Gogirls xxx

Marg Phelan, Midwife
Cycling for midwives, women
Normal birth & breastfeeding

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