Monday, October 25, 2010

APHRA is up and for running WA

National Registration is finally here.... I have heard about it for over 20 years and finally the time has come; CHECK YOUR REGISTRATION:

Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency for WA is up and running, have some fun and check out your name, check out your doctors name see if they are registered and if there are any restrictions placed on them. Click on this link APHRA then scroll down a third of the screen, go to the second blue box, heading HEALTH PRACTITIONERS then click How can I check my registration status? Follow the instructions and all you have to do is put in your full name, health profession and state, you don’t need the registration number.... and then see what happens.

I am undecided whether I think this is a good idea or not, yes I think it is beneficial that you can check so easily that someone is registered, but having my disciplinary history for the world to see, that I consider an invasion of my privacy. I will however remain open about the concept and see how it all pans out. In terms of people state hopping when they are investigated yes a fantastic idea, but for those who genuinely make a mistake your record is there for everyone to see.

You can also visit the Decisions and check on all Health Practitioners and decisions made in relationship to complaints.......this is transparency for you; These are outcomes of court hearings, tribunal hearings and hearings conducted by regulation agencies that were completed or started before 1 July 2010, relating to complaints and notifications made about health practitioners or students.

Let me know what your thoughts are? And be sure that you don’t find your name in that may work as a deterrent.

Click here to read more for WA....Practitioners from WA who have not renewed by 30 September: also read frequently asked questions information. The APHRA site is packed with information, spend some time looking at the site, it is worth your time;

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