Saturday, May 15, 2010

Diversity: Midwifery Celebrations for IMD

The new ACM (WA Branch) education committee did well with the recent celebrations for International Midwives Day; it was a great success, thank you team. Attendance was good there were about 60 participants and UWA is always a great venue, with superb food. It is always good to see a good turnout of midwifery students, well done.
Our President Tracy Martin opened the day with words of encouragement, her message was about remembering the grass roots of midwifery and to recall why we became midwives. In these times of change we need to remain grounded and stay focused and women focused.

Some of our Postgrade and undergraduate student midwives:

Beth O’Neil who is an accomplished singer, also one of our inaugural Bachelor of Midwifery third year students conducted the next session. Beth said “I love singing, but I am not going to sing to you, I am going to teach you how to sing so we can all sing together” brilliant idea….although I have to say I love hearing Beth sing….she is just magnificent…. However she organized a noisy group of midwives into a chorus of singers…. It was such fun and I had forgotten how well for the soul singing is… so thank you Beth for a job well done…… a most enjoyable session.

Time for a cuppa and a chat:

Next I gave a review of the current political status, National Registration, Bill C and the current position in WA, which is that it has not yet been passed which may result in us not going forward with the other states. Points of note from the National meeting in Canberra were; ACM national membership has increased and WA has a 15% increase, as well as a strong student membership; Online education and face to face teaching will continue and needs to include packages to assist the transition for midwives to eligible midwife; learning packages to include business management for Midwifery Group Practices; indemnity insurance will be provided by the college and will be cheaper for members; lobbying and submissions;

Janice Butt gave a thought provoking presentation about her recent trip to Tanzania, where they have 100 births a day and one woman dies every minute. She also reminded us how we are not meeting The Millennium Goals.……
What are the millennium goals check out this link

Goals 4 Reduce Child Mortality & Goal 5 Improve Maternal Health are the ones that need urgent attention.

Shelly and Karen presented the ACM MidPLUS and Midwifery Practice Review (MPR) made easy..... well they certainly made it look to navigate the requirements for National Registration by investing in MidPLUS and if you are looking at becoming an eligible midwife you will have to consider doing your MPR.

We then had a rather sobering presentation about refugee women from Afghanistan, and how hard the transition can be from leaving their homeland……the expectation to assimilate to something so foreign to these women…..and how vastly different cultural lifestyles can be…..these sessions are invaluable in helping midwives understand different ways of being…..undoubtedly food for thought.

This was then followed by Sadie’s talk, about drugs and alcohol in pregnancy……addictive listening, her statistics astounded me…. I am aware of the problems but certainly not the extent and across all social boundaries. Sadie also discussed life in prison for women, and pregnant women get no better treatment….. In fact the word treatment is an underestimation of the lack of care that is afforded these women, still human beings; again I was totally horrified that this type of lack of care is so prolific in the twenty-first century, that because the woman is pregnant she is not given or even considered to be worthy of consideration…… well done for bringing this to light and trying to do something about it… all that fight these types of inhumane injustice keep up the good work and let the world know what is happening…….. Great work Sadie and team……

The official day ended with a session on Tai Chi….. not my cup of tea… but most people joined in and looked as if they enjoyed it….. For me I took some time out and sat reflecting on the sessions at the river…
The program was as diverse as was the title….. my thoughts were that it was a thought provoking day, looking at what a diverse population we have and how our care needs to reflect diversity, compassion, understanding and tolerance. It also reminded me of how fortunate we are in Australia to have such wonderful maternity care (except if you are in prison)…. Even though it needs fine tuning to cater for the needs all women and that means Homebirth & Midwifery led Care for those who choose it.

The day came to a close with a well earned sundowner…. This is a wonderful time to network and reflect on the amazing day; Happy International Day of the Midwife.

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Cheers Pauline Costins

Friday, May 14, 2010

Farewell to Jill Banks....

We all make decisions to move on for one reason or another, this is our Farewell Jill Banks, our Publicity and Fundraising Officer for the ACM WA... we will sadly miss Jill, as she begins her new adventure with her partner interstate.... it is our sad loss and their gain....

I first in-counted Jill when I went down to the South West for a teaching session and met the manger who was Jill, as we talked we discovered we had a mutual friend... i had not long returned from working in the UK with the mutual friends.... it really is a small world.....our paths continued to cross and when Jill moved to Perth our friendship grew through our involvement with the college.....I will sadly miss you Jill, a great friend, colleague and manager all rolled into one fantastic woman.... and a Northern Woman (UK)at that.....straight to the point, an excellent clinician, with a heart of gold.... oh, not to mention that terrible habit that you have.... "the one that can not be mentioned" wishing you all the best in your new phase of your life and keep in touch..... Pauline Costins

Just wanted to let you know Jill, that Queensland's gain is definitely WA's most grievous loss. I will miss those dulcet tones on the other end of the phone, and the women of the South have certainly lost a huge ally in their interpartum hours! Still, I hope those Northern women appreciate what is coming to them, and I pray you can achieve even more than you have done in Fremantle.

Wishing you love, light and laughter, Penny Hardy

Dear Jill
You will be sadly missed as a friend and colleague. My earliest memory of you is going 'down the road' from Port Hedland to Point Samson for fish & chips when I thought I may never get back to Perth! I enjoyed sharing your Masters journey with you and have been very impressed by your clinical leadership especially at Kaleeya. It is a real pleasure to work with a Manager who is so supportive of women, students and midwives. You are a 'Yes - can do' person with a great personality. Thanks for all that you do for midwifery - Queensland is gaining a fantastic recruit. Take care and keep in touch - do they have wine in Queensland?
Love Janice Butt

Ah Jill, you will be missed! Dependable, fun, hard-working and always the capacity to surprise (Pardon me!)Laura.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy International Midwives Day 2010

Here is a video of part of our celebration on the 1st of May 2010 @ UWA - please excuse my voice..... we celebrated in style and had so much fun.... a huge thank you to Beth O'Neil for her expert tuition and guiding us to reminded me that singing is so good for the soul... it was a memorable exercise and uplifting..... Review of the sessions still to come......also a big thank you to the superb organisation of the education committee.
Enjoy International Midwives Day - "Being with Woman"
Pauline Costins