Friday, May 14, 2010

Farewell to Jill Banks....

We all make decisions to move on for one reason or another, this is our Farewell Jill Banks, our Publicity and Fundraising Officer for the ACM WA... we will sadly miss Jill, as she begins her new adventure with her partner interstate.... it is our sad loss and their gain....

I first in-counted Jill when I went down to the South West for a teaching session and met the manger who was Jill, as we talked we discovered we had a mutual friend... i had not long returned from working in the UK with the mutual friends.... it really is a small world.....our paths continued to cross and when Jill moved to Perth our friendship grew through our involvement with the college.....I will sadly miss you Jill, a great friend, colleague and manager all rolled into one fantastic woman.... and a Northern Woman (UK)at that.....straight to the point, an excellent clinician, with a heart of gold.... oh, not to mention that terrible habit that you have.... "the one that can not be mentioned" wishing you all the best in your new phase of your life and keep in touch..... Pauline Costins

Just wanted to let you know Jill, that Queensland's gain is definitely WA's most grievous loss. I will miss those dulcet tones on the other end of the phone, and the women of the South have certainly lost a huge ally in their interpartum hours! Still, I hope those Northern women appreciate what is coming to them, and I pray you can achieve even more than you have done in Fremantle.

Wishing you love, light and laughter, Penny Hardy

Dear Jill
You will be sadly missed as a friend and colleague. My earliest memory of you is going 'down the road' from Port Hedland to Point Samson for fish & chips when I thought I may never get back to Perth! I enjoyed sharing your Masters journey with you and have been very impressed by your clinical leadership especially at Kaleeya. It is a real pleasure to work with a Manager who is so supportive of women, students and midwives. You are a 'Yes - can do' person with a great personality. Thanks for all that you do for midwifery - Queensland is gaining a fantastic recruit. Take care and keep in touch - do they have wine in Queensland?
Love Janice Butt

Ah Jill, you will be missed! Dependable, fun, hard-working and always the capacity to surprise (Pardon me!)Laura.


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