Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Midwives wonderful women......dinner with Marg Phelan

Marg Phelan a midwife originally from Victoria, now living in NT (president of the Australian College of Midwives in 2003) is cycling around Australia to raise awareness for midwives, normal birth, women's childbirth choices and breastfeeding. Marg and her superb team travel on average 100k per day, what a feat.... tonight they were enjoying a glass of red, and the company of the ACM WA Executive, student midwives and colleagues.....

I have just come home having a wonderful dinner with a phenomenal group of women; being a midwife is such a privilege and opens the door to meeting a multitude of people from all walks of life.

The team

I was enjoying chatting to Marg's team, Sue a renal nurse specialist from the NT who is the driver of the bus, Lois a scientist from Victoria who advocates that cycling keeps you young, Rhea also from Victoria an infection control nurse, says she sleeps really well after cycling and its the best way to see the country and Rob who is a midwife also from Victoria who has just joined the group to do the driving from Perth to Victoria says no way am I cycling happy to drive the bus, so that Sue can do some cycling with Marg. Marg does all the cycling and the others take turns or cycle with Marg...I have to say it puts me to shame knowing that the average age of the group is 60 years young.... my legs just ache at the thought of 100k's a day.... oops ladies after our chat about going to bed early the computer went on when I came home....it was calling me......just had to write about you all before Alzheimer's set in....what an inspiration all these women are, such dedication and passion..... how would I describe them.... fantastic, wonderful, remarkable and unique.

A couple of our Bachelor of Midwifery students Beth and Lisa who organised the Mum's bub's and midwives at Point Walter also joined us for dinner....they had the opportunity to chat to the team, it's about the new and the experienced sharing the common goal of midwifery and how to keep moving the profession forward and upwards into the future.....

These sorts of evenings allow us to network, share stories, enjoy a glass of red... and just chat.....

Have a safe journey and we will be watching you.....go girl australia... anyone wanting to help Marg Phelan please visit her website or email her on margiphelan@hotmail.com

Ciao Pauline

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