Wednesday, September 29, 2010

AMA Position on collaboration:

Here is the AMA document for collaboration; yes there are parts of it that make me cringe.... however it must be equally difficult for the AMA, not that any midwife wants to hear that; Click on the link to read the document;

Collaborative Arrangements what you need to know? the irony of this document has to make you laugh or cry:

"Working with other health professionals is an everyday feature of clinical practice for a modern medical practitioner. Effective teamwork can improve patient outcomes, create new opportunities for learning,and build a shared understanding of the skills that each person brings to the care of a patient."

If we do not embrace these changes, then pressure will mount on the Government to relax the requirement for collaborative arrangements to be in place. This would risk fragmentation of care to the detriment of patients.

This is the most telling statement of all.... this means the AMA is seriously concerned that if they the doctors do not collaborate then changes will be made......this is in our favour.

As always I am presenting you with the information and you can decide for yourselves; As i have stated before; My vision is that all women will have the choice of continuity of midwifery care with a midwife and the right to claim a Medicare Rebate for fee for services;
Whilst I do not like the wording in this Determination I can see that this is still a historic time for midwives and midwifery....

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