Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the Senate Inquiry is out......

Health Legislation Amendment (Midwives and Nurse Practitioners) Bill 2009 and two related Bills

The recommendation is that:

1.40 The committee recommends that the Health Legislation Amendment(Midwives and Nurse Practitioners) Bill 2009 with amendments, the Midwife Professional Indemnity (Commonwealth Contribution) Scheme Bill 2009 and the Midwife Professional Indemnity (Run-Off Cover Support Payment) Bill 2009 be passed.
http://www.aph.gov.au/senate/committee/clac_ctte/health_leg_midwives_nurse_practitioners_09_nov09/report/index.htmThere is a minority report by Senator Rachael Siewert, who recommends:

That the Health Legislation Amendment (Midwives and Nurse Practitioners) Bill is amended by replacing reference to ‘collaborative arrangements’ with a requirement that eligible midwives demonstrate collaborative practice and that in the definition of a participating midwife, midwives would be required to demonstrate ‘collaborative practice’ by using standardised clinical documentation for planning and provision of care. This would record specific indications of collaborative practice, in particular consultation and referral as required, with the consent of the women for whom care is provided.

We will still have to wait for about three weeks before it is discussed due to the cue in front of us...... lets see what happens....

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