Sunday, February 14, 2010

Graduation at Curtin University

As a midwife and a lecturer it is a really rewarding time to the year.... the culmination of years of study for the students, their graduation day... it is so nice to see them in their regalia, excited, relieved,enthusiastic and awakened. It is a great sense of achievement for them and for me a sense of pleasure that they have completed this journey and graduated. Now the next journey begins.....
Congratulations to all the Postgraduate Diploma Midwifery (27) and Masters (5)Students its great achievement, well done.

The Australian College of Midwives Membership Award was won by Ms Jacqueline Mawson.

King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women clinical Midwifery Prize was won by Ms Maree Edwards.

Now the journey continues, lifelong learning.... for some they begin as Registered Midwives....consolidating their midwifery program into practice facilitating and empowering women during their pregnancy birth journey.....and after a year or two they may embark on the next step... "MASTERS'.

The masters graduates will endeavour to put into place the work they have completed and as leaders they will continue to lead by example...empowering women.. and continue the journey of lifelong learning.

Remember to always 'follow your passion'... maintain your professional portfolio through the Midplus program offered by the Australian College of Midwives and good luck along your paths journey......

The ECU graduation is next week so watch this space for the report.......

Cheers Pauline


  1. Congratulations to Jackie and Maree for their awards, and thanks for the pics

  2. Hi,
    I am a midwife in New Zealand and we are currently looking at relocating to Melbourne. I have already completed a post graduate certificate. I am however finding it confusing looking at what I am required to do in Australia to register and whom I should contact is there anyone who could share some advice with me?

  3. Hi Pamdh, thanks for your response...the best place to start is the State you wish to work in so that would be Victoria here is the link for the Nurses Board
    on there home page there is a new graduate section have a look there.... as from July this year we will be moving to a National Registration which will be through Canberra...
    Also have a look at the Australian Nursing & Midwifery Council
    hope this information helps and Good Luck.... you could always try WA?


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