Sunday, August 16, 2009

Exposure draft of Bill B read the submissions!

To understand the new legislation, read this section - this gives a quick guide to general questions asked. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - ON THE EXPOSURE DRAFT OF THE HEALTH PRACTITIONER REGULATION NATIONAL LAW 2009

Now have a look at some of the submissions for Bill B - there have been many submissions, so much so that I think the government has to rethink the issue of Homebirth and indemnity insurance - very interesting reading!

To mention a few, the AMA submission makes for interesting reading, as well as the ACM, Maternity Collation and the ANF plus many more.

There are many submissions from women that are very supportive and a pleasure to read! I have only managed a third of the submissions to date.

I thought putting the link here would encourage you to have a look what the community is saying about Bill B.

I have randomly selected some submissions for you to just click on the link - then you are on your own.

Toni Appleby
Megan Gardiner
Billy MacDonald
Michelle Rabbidge
Universities Australia
Marion Yates

Keep motivated, for women's choice about birthing options.

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