Wednesday, March 11, 2009

SBS insight program 'birth'

Hi all,

This was the program on insight last night, it was about birth, what choices do women have and the release of the materntiy report by the Minister of Health.
Most of the women in our audience are pregnant, some very pregnant. So who knows, anything could happen. We are here to talk about birth, in particular why we have such a high rate of Caesarean sections in Australia. One in three babies is now born by C section, a 50% increase in just ten years. So why?

Are women becoming too posh to push or are some doctors too quick to give Caesareans? Tonight Insight is going to talk about that - about what women want and whether the way we deliver babies needs to change.

if you have not watched insight last night, please watch out for the repeat show this week - Friday I think. It was a great show, featuring Jenny Gamble, Hannah Dahlen, Karen Guilliland, GP's, obstetricians, pregnant women, women and Nicola Roxon. The show is well worth watching or you can read the transcripts just follow this link.
Lets start a debate, what do you think?

Cheers Pauline

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