Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sydney Conference & AGM 2011

life has been so busy that I have finally have time to play catch up with the Sydney conference October 2011 - The conference was action packed in more ways than one: WA had a large contingent, some of us took the opportunity to have extra time off and see the sights of NSW.

What I love about conferences is meeting up with new and old acquaintances across the country.... and the world.

The keynote speakers were remarkable in particular for me was Sheena Byron, whose stories resonated with me.

The new flavour of the conference was the creative arts.... the yarning table was also a highlight of mine, as it gave you the opportunity to stop, relax, knit, sew and talk, chew the fat so to speak....The low of the conference was the small protest relating to 'women's right to choose place of birth no matter what the risk and be supported by a midwife'.... Midwives need to be supported from a regulatory / supervision model to enable us to do legislation currently stands in Australia midwives are not supported to look after anything other than low risk for a homebirth.

The conference dinner was real hoot, red and black was the theme and most of the WA group all wore tiara's.... it was fantastic talking, dancing and meeting new midwives from around the country....a good time was had by all.

The organising committee did a great job... thank you: The next conference will be in Tasmania.....start saving....see you all there.

As much time is passed since the conference there will be a pictorial slide show in lieu of a summary, my apologies for that.

Cheers Pauline

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