Monday, February 14, 2011

Safety and Quality Framework for Privately Practising Midwives attending homebirths:

The Safety and Quality Framework for Privately Practising Midwives is up on the AHPRA website..... click her to read whole framework;


284 Exemption from requirement for professional indemnity insurance arrangements for midwives practising private midwifery
(1) During the transition period, a midwife does not contravene section 129(1) merely because the midwife practises private midwifery if—
(a) the practise occurs in a participating jurisdiction in which, immediately before the participation day for that jurisdiction, a person was not prohibited from attending homebirths in the course of practising midwifery unless professional indemnity insurance arrangements were in place; and
(b) informed consent has been given by the woman in relation to whom the midwife is practising private midwifery; and
(c) the midwife complies with any requirements set out in a code or guideline approved by the National Board under section 39 about the practise of private midwifery, including—
(i) any requirement in a code or guideline about reports to be provided by midwives practising private midwifery; and
(ii) any requirement in a code or guideline relating to the safety and quality of the practise of private midwifery

(2) A midwife who practises private midwifery under this section is not required to include in an annual statement under section 109 a declaration required by subsection (1)(a)(iv) and (v) of that section in relation to the midwife’s practise of private midwifery during a period of registration that is within the transition period.
(3) For the purposes of this section, the transition period—
(a) starts on 1 July 2010; and
(b) ends on the prescribed day.

The framework is to ensure safe high quality of care of th woman and her baby when choosing homecare by a private practising midwife;
It is good to see that the ACM Consultation and Referral Guidelines and the prinicpoes and practices in the NHMRC document are also key elements in this framework.

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