Saturday, November 6, 2010

Red tape of AHPRA:

Next installment of my application for eligibility; here I was Miss Perfect at following instructions and I haven’t got it right; I had all my documents certified by a lecturer at the university stating "this is a certified copy etc"to be informed that this was not correct: for your information these are the certified people for AHPRA;

Who can certify documents?In Australia, the following people are authorized to certify documents:

Justice of the Peace, Bail Justice, Registrar or Deputy Registrar
Commissioner for Declarations, Commissioner for Oaths, Commissioner for Affidavits
Accountant (member of the ICA, ASA, NIA OR CPA)
Registered members of the teaching profession (not university)
Member of the police force
Sheriff or Deputy Sherriff
Public Notary
Permanent staff member of AHPRA

Alas this means I have to do it all over again; photocopy and resend. Second problem, the letter from my past employer was not sufficient, it was not enough to say that I had been employed across the spectrum of midwifery and that I was deemed competent by the institution, the manager has to address the ANMC competencies as well, this is a step too far… I have completed the Midwifery Practice Review which addresses each competency……I am a patient woman and I understand that you need to ensure that midwives are competent…. But this really is going overboard.

What I thought was going to be a relatively smooth process is turning into a mind field of red tape and bureaucratic nonsense; there is something to be said about waiting until the first batch have gone through to iron out all the problems, however one would not consider that there would be so many issues and the goal posts moving.
Watch this space: Pauline

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