Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Come and welcome Marg Phelan...... in Fremantle

Hi All Midwives and Women / families who read this blog and live in WA;

Marg Phelan arrives: If you are free on Friday 3rd Sept from about 1pm.... Marg is due to arrive in Fremantle at Big 4 Caravan Park, 132 Cockburn Road, Munster WA: Woodman Point Caravan Park: They will be setting off from Burns Beach Joondulup in the morning and cycling to Freo..

Want to know something about Marg Phelan visit her website http://gogirlaustralia.net.au/sponsorship/4537288921

Australian midwife Marg Phelan cycles around Australia for midwives, women, normal birth and breastfeeding. Marg Phelan, a mother and midwife from the Northern Territory, feels so passionate about women’s right to access midwives that she is cycling around Australia to spread the word that women have the right to choose where and with whom they give birth and to be properly supported in these choices. Marg Phelan says, “We believe that every Australian woman is entitled to continuity of midwifery care and good support to help achieve a normal birth and be able to enjoy breastfeeding. Far too many women are not well informed about their options in pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting.”
Go Girl Australia is a not-for-profit venture that aims to promote continuity of care from a known midwife, normal birth and breastfeeding.

Come down and welcome her, bring family, friends, a balloon and share the excitement......wave and support this extraordinary women into Freo.....

Cheers Pauline

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