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Midwives Insurance options made easy:

If you are a private practice midwife / independent midwife you will need insurance cover: your choices are MIGA and Medisure/Mediprotect - I have discusse these options on a previous blog.... however some midwives have expressed the need for an easier expanation.

What you need to do is read what both companies have to offer: In a nutshell:
MIGA - offers a comprehensive insurance and the cost is up to $7500.00 per anuum, this insurance also has a run off compontent.... and what that means is that it covers you for when you stop working:

Professional indemnity insurance is provided on a claims made basis – this means your policy will only cover you for claims that are made and reported to MIGA while you have a current insurance policy with MIGA
• If, in the future, you no longer need the insurance because you have ceased private midwifery practice, you may require insurance to cover your prior practice. This type of cover is called 'run-off cover'
• Run-off cover insures you for claims made in the future which relate to incidents that occurred in your prior practice
• You need to maintain run-off cover for the whole time that you have ceased practice in order to be protected against claims that may arise in the future.

For a quick easy read, check out Questions and Answers for Midwives
Now also review the Maternity Care Plan Check list by MIGA; click the link.

Medisure / Mediprotect by calling 07 3426 0400 OR Downloading the Application Form, and either Faxing it to (07) 3426 0444 or Via E-mail to

This insurance does not have a run off cover, if you want to purchase one it comes at a higher price. Also the amount of insurance cover is less than MIGA, the other difference is eligibility....To be eligible for this cover, practitioners need only be registered as a ‘practising midwife’ with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia.

Vero/Medisure/Mediprotect is a cheaper insurance with no run off insurance which allows you to be registered with the NWBA and therefore able to continue to work.... it is not as comprehensive as MIGA..... you will have to decide which insurance will be right for you and your practice!


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