Friday, January 29, 2010

Capers bookstores presents: Midwifery update workshops

NEW Midwifery Update workshops in Perth April 19-20. We'd appreciate if you could pass this information on to interested colleagues, as bringing these workshops to Perth does incur additional time and expense so we do appreciate help in promoting them.

Student discounts of $25/day are available, for those not working as health professionals at the time. To claim just make a note when ordering, and you will be required to sign a declaration on the day.

Shea Caplice and Sheryl Sidery will present two one-day Midwifery Update workshops: Using Water for Labour and Birth & Essential Midwifery Skills for Challenging Situations in Perth 19-10 April.

Shea Caplice has been a practising midwife for 27 years in a variety of midwifery models. She was Project Coordinator for the first publicly funded Homebirth service in NSW, and is currently the Coordinator of the Royal Hospital for Women Malabar Community Midwifery Link Service, a service with a particular focus on Aboriginal families.Shea produced the film, The Art of Birth: Four Beautiful Births in Water, and has used her experience with waterbirth in training other midwives on many occasions, and co-writing the chapter on waterbirth in Midwifery: Preparation for Practice (Pairman et al). Sheryl Sidery has been practising midwifery for 24 years both in private practice and in the public system. For the past 5 years Sheryl’s work has focused on how we parent and how women’s past and present experiences can shape her mothering. She is currently the Midwifery Consultant for Perinatal Mental Health and combines this with her private homebirth practice.

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  1. MidPlus points will be available for both days.

    If you'd like extra flyers, please contact the office. We also will shortly have posters with details on all 2010 CAPERS events in Australia and New Zealand.


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