Friday, December 18, 2009

For those midwives wanting to read more about what is happening: .. please click on the link HEALTH LEGISLATION AMENDMENT (MIDWIVES AND NURSE PRACTITIONERS) BILL 2009

Its good to go to page three and read some of the definitions:

Schedule 1--Amendments relating to 1 medicare benefits and pharmaceutical 2 benefits

2 6 Subsection 3(1) 3 Insert: 4 participating midwife means: 5 (a) if the Minister has approved a common form of undertaking 6 under section 21A--an eligible midwife in respect of whom 7 there is in force an undertaking given by him or her and 8 accepted by the Minister under section 21B; or 9 (b) otherwise--an eligible midwife

We have to watch and see how this will be determined.... "the eligible midwife"

cheers Pauline

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