Monday, June 8, 2009

Result of the Monkey Survey: Education Committee

Members and non members were asked to complete the this was a free survey product I tried, like anything free there is a down side and that is I cannot publish the results, this is where you have to pay extra. Therefore I will summarise the results here for you. There were a grand total of 15 respondents, thank you for those wonderful people who took the time to respond.

It was excellent to see that 11 students completed the survey, well done, taking the lead. Everyone should follow your example.

The survey: What midwifery professional development do you require?

1. What is your occupation? There were 11 student midwives and 4 midwives

2. What topic would you like discussed at the next ACM study day 17 October 2009? comments:
if the budget proposals for midwives to be able to provide medicare-rebate services go through the upper house, I'd like a session on setting up a private practice

2. cord clamping
3. midwife-led care for healthy women / marketing midwife-led care in the media
4. Rural maternity services and issues
5. course content: need more clinical based subjects, not airy fairy sh@#$
6. Case study extravaganza
7. "How midwives can bring about change in our workplaces
8. continuity of care issues
9. How to stay politically involved and aware of issues facing abd challenging the midwifery profession
10. Can't be present so N/A

3. Do you maintain a professional portfolio? There were 11 yes and 2 no 2 skipped the question

4. Would you like a session on how to maintain a professional portfolio? 11 yes and 4 no

5. How often do you formally (written) reflect on your clinical practice? Weekly – 5. Monthly – 1. Only for a critical incidence – 5. Other comments, only at yearly review, once or twice per clinical rotation. Weekly as a student.

6. When reflecting which reflective model do you use? Gibbs – 7, Johns – 1. Other 7. Comments, don’t know, curtin portfolio, expressive journal model, simplified Seedhouse’s.

7. Do you want an education session on Reflective Practice? Yes – 8 , no -7.

8. Are you politically savvy? Yes – 6. No – 5. Maybe – 4

9. Would you like a education session on how to become more politically savvy? Yes – 9. No – 5, other 2. Comments having more of a political impact, better networking.

10. What activities or sessions would you like the ACM Education Committee (WA Branch) to offer you as a member?

1 Given the recent budget announcements, the college will need to provide midwives with practical workshops about how to go about setting up a private or group practice.
2. journal CLUB
3. any, but with online options as I am rural
4. Being a student, this would be broad. Perhaps major current issues facing women today, and a follow up on Indigenous maternal health.
5. Unsure at this time
6. Case study format (both presentation and workshop)
7. I’m always finding flyers about different up skilling workshops I can attend over the state but would find it easier if they were collated by an organisation and put in a calender.
8. active birth workshops and breastfeeding talks - how to encourage women to continue
9. I would like further clarification of what is expected to create a great portfolio and the easiest way to accomplish this, how to become more politically involved with practical suggestions on how to do this (lobbying etc), how much formal written reflective practice is required and if this is to be included in our port folio. So far my experience of these issues has been to complete university assessments. I want to ensure that when I am a registered midwife that I follow through with these things in a practical manner and know what is expected from me and my portfolio, when I don't have the support of the university. I would like to stay politically aware and active.
10. Anything is good - am a student.
Breastfeeding with diabetes would be good

Thank you all for completing the survey: I will leave the survey up for any of you who have not completed it, give it a go. The education committee will review these comments and will endeavour to facilitate your requests.

ACM Education committee 2009

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  1. I would use Google Form which is part of Google Document - much better functionality than the free version of surveymonkey


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