Friday, September 3, 2010

Welcome to Marg Phelan.........Go Girl Australia

Go Girl Australia - Marg Phelan, cycled into Fremantle around 12noon today, it was a beautiful sunny day and there were wonderful people to meet her.....I was so excited... in my time I have waited for lots of different occasions and I must say I was thrilled to meet this exceptional woman.... I would put Marg Phelan in my 10 best people I have met in my lifetime....she is an extraordinary woman, such passion, drive, commitment for her fellow human being.....a truly inspirational woman.

Marg will be here from the 3rd - 9th Sept before heading south to Mandurah.

You still have a chance to meet Marg Phelan on Monday at Point Walter 12 - 2pm...come and share some time to meet and greet this amazing woman; -
Sponsor Marg with donations of cash, fuel vouchers, cycling gear, bike parts, accommodation, food;
Advertise Go Girl Australia through your business or community group
if you wish to donate to the cause please bring some cash with you or go online to Go Girl Australia and sponsor;

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